CLIENT Borgward
EVENT DATA Wuppertal, Germany, March 2015
Technical Implementation
The formerly well-known brand "Borgward" announced their market comeback at the Geneva Auto Show on the 03rd of March 2015.

Therefor evs interactive developed 3 innovative apps about the company's history, their historical car models and the new technic in the new Borgward car models. The apps, installed on 21 tablets, arrange all over the Borgward booth, were to aim for the customer brand awareness and to create brand interest and teach potential clients about the background of the brand.

The installation of the apps onsite, the control of the final output as well as a guideline on how to maintain the app and its devices throughout the trade fair period, were additional tasks handled by evs interactive.

At this first presentation of Borgward automobiles since 55 years, they were specially named at the prestigious award ceremony for booth concepts of the Club de Publicité et de Communication de Genève, for their most innovative and inviting presentation during the Autosalon.
German press report

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